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I have a propertyGrid; PropertyGrid contains lots of properties storing number values; What I want to do is to enter one of those properties and instead of writing new number in it, by pressing arrows UP/DOWN increase/decrease its value.

Any ideas on how to handle that?

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You need to implement your UI Type Editor.
Look at this MSDN page just to know where to start and to get a valuable example.

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I had to do a PropertyGrid and I used this library about 1 year ago : http://wpg.codeplex.com/

I don't remember if it was doing what you want but it was VERY complete ! I do remember that on int (for example) you had some and buttons

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Thanks for reply, though your suggestion is in WPF and I am not using it in my project. Taking your suggestion would cause me to make major changes in code and I would like to figure how to make it without using WPF... –  Min0 Nov 25 '11 at 10:52

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