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I'm working with Fisheye and I created a few repositories and a few projects referencing them. I want to show them to anonymous users, but although repositories are shown to anonymous users (non-registered), projects aren't.

I went to Administration, Repository Defaults, Permissions, Anonymous Access and set 'Allow anonymous access to the repositories', but how can I do the same with the projects?

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The projects tab actually stems from Crucible rather than FishEye (you can have one or the other, but they run together if both are available), see the header on the project administration page:

A project is a set of Crucible content combined with a set of customisable FishEye content.

Consequently this is a Crucible setting, which is orchestrated via Permission Schemes under Security Settings within Administration, thus a bit more complex. You'll have to review and experiment with the various permissions yourself on how to achieve the desired goal (each permission has a separate Allow Anonymous users setting), but I venture the guess that adjusting the View - Ability to view a review. setting accordingly should be all you need.

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"adjusting the View - Ability to view a review. setting accordingly should be all you need" -- that's exactly right – sendmoreinfo Jan 19 '13 at 17:10

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