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This is the standard Jquery Autocomplete code.

    $(function() {
        var availableTags = [
        $( "#tags" ).autocomplete({
            source: availableTags

Let's say I'm able to fill an HTML DOM (delimited text or a grid made of table/tr/td) with data through server-side (ASP.NET/PHP). How would it be possible to "read" through it and store it in "availableTags[]" for Jquery Autocomplete to use?

And if I hide (display:none; perhaps) this DOM Element, will Jquery still be able to "see" it?

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Why not have the server-side code simply output the javascript declaration of the array right out onto the page? That way you wouldn't need to parse it, and your server-side code is going to be effectively the same in either instance.

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I would prefer the hidden field solution if you are not presenting the data visually. No need to build a table if you hide (even though jquery will be able to work with, it's just a visual hiding, it's still in the DOM).

The .map() function followed by .toArray() generates a javascript array:


var availableTags = $('td').map(function() { return $(this).text(); }).toArray();

Or for a delimited text into an hidden field:

<input type="hidden" id="myhiddenfield" value="value1|value2|value3" />

var availableTags = $('#myhiddenfield').val().split('|');

In action here: Jsfiddle

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