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Are there any Python demo projects available I can learn from. I am basically looking into learning the basics like linking and creating a navigation bar.

I am currently trying to get the blog demo in the demo folder of Tornado to run, I am experiencing problems with the SQL file and do not know yet how to open it.

Besides that I would like to ask if there are more Python Demo Web Projects, one can learn from, perhaps somebody wold like to share a basic template example?

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Besides Tornado's standard examples, I recommend to digg into tornadogists and other gist snippets.

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Not sure if it's just me... but tornadogists link seems really suspicious - it's asking me to update my google chrome. Don't click the install button for just in case. –  Raccoon Sep 30 at 8:32
Thanks @Raccoon, the link to tornadogists was wrong and it was pointing to a scum website. Fixed now. –  lbolla Oct 3 at 9:13

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