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how can I test listview by robotium? I just want to check if oncreate event the items goes into it.

my Activity has a method:

private void initListView() {
    Adapter adapter = 
            new Adapter(this, myRepository.findAll());

MyRepository returns List. In the ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 I want to put some items into respository and then test if listView contains elements.

public void testListView_IsNotEmpty() {
    Item i = new Item();

Is it via robotium possible do to that?

best regards

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Can you access the repository before your call getActivity() in the test case? Just add the text before, your activity will not be created until you actually call through to getActivity(). Otherwise, register a DataSetObserver in your adapter and call that when you mess with your repository. – Jens Nov 25 '11 at 9:30
thx for help but I can't load data before activity – reizals Nov 25 '11 at 11:56
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This is clear case for mocking framework. I recomment jMockit as it is most advanced and suitable to use against stubbed out android libraries. As you do not like to test classes provided by android itself ( you implicitely trust that they do right thing ) , you only have to test that:

  • your repositry was asked for value list
  • this value list was used to create an adapter
  • this adapter was passed to list view

Test case would look like this:

public void testThatListInitializedProperly(@Mocked final ListView listView,
                                            @Mocked final YourRepository repository,
                                            @Mocked(methods = {"initListView"}, inverse=true) final YourActivity activity, 
                                            @Mocked final Adapter adapter
 ) {
    new Expectations() {
               repository.findAll(); returns(someList);

               new Adapter(activity, someList); returns(adapter);





(note that I adjusted interface for easier mockability )

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