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I'm searching for a cabal package using the detailed Test-Suite interface to learn how to structure the code.

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The cabal documentation contains examples for both the detailed-1.0 and exitcode-stdio-1.0 test interfaces. However, note that the detailed test interface isn't supported yet. Only the simpler exitcode-stdio-1.0 interface is currently supported.

From a recent mail thread on the cabal-devel list (dated September 5, 2011):

Ah, a rare case of premature documentation. That is, documentation for a feature that is due, but not released yet. [...] No released version supports the detailed interface yet. Just recently we think we've settled on the final interface and will hopefully get that implemented in the darcs version soon.

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They really should rip that out of the documentation, it's horrible misleading. –  ocharles Nov 30 '11 at 10:39

Haddock's cabal file includes a test-suite stanza; perhaps you could start there.

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