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Advice on approach needed.

I would like to give the user the ability to move tabs between 2 monitors. What is the best approach?

  1. Idea being user first load the form.
  2. TabControls shows with eg 5 tabs
  3. User can drag 01 tab on another monitor.

Is it possible?

Any suggestions?

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Do you mean something like Internet explorer, i.e. when you drag a tab out it creates a new window ? –  digEmAll Nov 25 '11 at 9:33

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You need to use some form of Docking container control. Most of the commercial WinForms widget libraries have one, I have worked with Infragistics. There are also free ones like this one DockPanelSuite (or at least free when I used it). These docking controls will handle the transition between docking and floating, similar to the various windows you can drag around in Visual Studio (Properties, ToolBox, etc.).

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I would open two windows (one on each monitor) having a Tab-Control on each of them. The moving of a tab from one window to the other I would manage by using Drag'n'Drop.

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