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I am searching for a jquery plugin for gallery and image slideshow with thumbnails in my application. (exactly same like These images are dynamically uploaded in my application. I tried to integrate cycle plugin but it seems there is no option for scrolling thumbnails to left and right as shown in ref site. Since I am new to jquery and javascript I am not in a position to extend the cycle functionality and write the code to achieve it right now. So any inputs is greatly appreciated.

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JCarousel is a fairly solid jquery plugin for controlling a list of images. Might be something to look into, its quite flexible, though has its flaws ^^ you can quite easily combine it with the knockout library or probably some simple jQuery to dynamically load large versions of the slide thumbnails.

JCarousel Knockout (if you feel like being fancy and using knockout too =D )

Alternatively you could use JCarousel alongside another plugin such as to achieve your desired functionality. I used jQuerys galleria plugin a few years back and found they complimented each other quite nicely. This blog has a tutorial on how to merge them, looks fairly brief, I don't remember what I did for mine 2 years ago =D . I am afraid I have not been very helpful, if you do find a plugin that suits your needs would you let me know? ^^

Good luck :)

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This is not what I am looking for. I need to scroll thumbnail image as well as main image also.. Like the one in – rubyist Nov 25 '11 at 10:25
Hmm yes I see your point, why I mentioned the use of knockout to change the main image. But you did say you weren't in the position to extend the code, so I guess my bad. I don't know of any plugins that do exactly what you want on their own. I have worked on several projects similar to what you seem to be working on and have had to add a lot of random code to get things to work for my specific needs. Think you'll find that everywhere :P I will update my answer with another possible solution I used a while back, was fairly simple and didn't require extensive extra code. – Hazza Nov 25 '11 at 10:37

Maybe a bit late with the answer but maybe look at Royal-Slider.

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