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I have some JSON returned inthe format of :

    "Description":"String content"
"Description":"String content"

Where there is a one to many relationship between the Description and the Strains. I want to parse this into a Dictionary<string, List<string>>, could somebody please advise what I should be looking at to achieve this?



I've tried deserializing as such:

JsonDeserializer des = new JsonDeserializer();
var foo = (List<Dictionary<string, object>>)des.DeserializeObject(json);

However, no joy. I'm just having a play with JSON.net, to see if there's anything there that helps.

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What have you tried? What didn't work? –  Oded Nov 25 '11 at 9:48

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I think it's failing because technically it's not a straight cast to a Dictionary<string, object>. The "Strains" property is an object, whilst the "Description" property could be mapped as a KeyValuePair

You'll need to deserialize this to an object. Have you tried Json.NET?

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