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In reference to my question Regex expression to match whole word with special characters not working ?,

I got an answer which said

@"(?<=^|\s)" + pattern + @"(?=\s|$)"

This works fine for all cases except 1 case. It fails when there is space in the pattern.

Assume string is "Hi this is stackoverflow" and pattern is "this " , then it says no matches. This happens because of an empty space after the actual string in pattern.

How can we handle this ? Ideally speaking it should say one match found !

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Couldn't you simply trim the pattern from the caller layers ? Assuming this is a user input, you may trim the user input before sending it to the service layer. –  Steve B Nov 25 '11 at 10:36
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Try this

(?:(?<=^|\s)(?=\S)|(?<=\S|^)(?=\s))this (?:(?<=\S)(?=\s|$)|(?<=\s)(?=\S|$))

See it here on Regexr

This will also work for pattern that starts with a whitespace.

Basically, what I am doing is to define a custom "word" boundary. But it is not true on a \W=>\w or a \w=>\W change, its true on a \S=>\s or a \s=>\S change!

Here is an example in c#:

string str = "Hi this is stackoverflow";
string pattern = Regex.Escape("this");
MatchCollection result = Regex.Matches(str, @"(?:(?<=^|\s)(?=\S)|(?<=\S|^)(?=\s))" + pattern + @"(?:(?<=\S)(?=\s|$)|(?<=\s)(?=\S|$))", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);

Console.WriteLine("Amount of matches: " + result.Count);
foreach (Match m in result)
    Console.WriteLine("Matched: " + result[0]);


This "Whitespace" boundary can be done more general, so that on each side of the pattern is the same expression, like this


In c#:

MatchCollection result = Regex.Matches(str, @"(?:(?<=^|\s)(?=\S|$)|(?<=^|\S)(?=\s|$))" + pattern + @"(?:(?<=^|\s)(?=\S|$)|(?<=^|\S)(?=\s|$))", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
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works in almost all cases but fails while matching strings like "c++ c" in "c++ c c#" –  pratZ Jul 11 at 5:55
@pratZ, what is failing? For me it is working fine and I can't see a reason, why it should not match something like c++. –  stema Jul 11 at 8:26
it matches if you match 'c++' but fails if you match 'c++ c' in the text 'c++ c c#' –  pratZ Jul 11 at 10:15
@pratZ, that depends on the pattern you use ...... and it is not covered by this question. Here I would consider "c++ c" as two words. –  stema Jul 11 at 10:28
The answer you have here is very helpful. It works for 'c++', but it doesn't match things like 'c++ '. Its a whole word (with an empty space in the end), and I dont see a point being it not covered in the question. There can surely be cases like this. –  pratZ Jul 11 at 10:44
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