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I am using Rails v2.3. and MySQL v5.1

I created a new Rails environment named "special" by copy the config/environments/development.rb to config/environments/special.rb

Then, I defined the following thing in config/database.yml :

   adapter: mysql2
   host: localhost
   username: My_user_name
   password: My_pwd
   database: special_db
   encoding: latin1

Then, I go to the command line to run the command:

$ RAILS_ENV=special rake db:create

also tried $rake db:create RAILS_ENV=special

I expect a new database named special_db should be created, but it isn't .

Why? Why I have created a new environment and run db:create in that environment, but database is not created? Am I missing something?

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Have you created the database in MySQL? mysqladmin create special_db

Are you sure that the username you are using have privileges to the database? GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON special_db.* TO 'user'@'host'; FLUSH PRIVILEGES;

What is the output from the rake task? Have you tried running with the -t option? If so can you post the output?

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