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I want to quit the Ndepend report into the Build Report, but still have the link ‘NDepend Report” in link in the left navigation. How can I do that?



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The online documentation for CruiseControl.NET covers most of the details on how to integrate NDepend with CruiseControl.NET.

The file to change is dashboard.config. The <buildPlugins> element contains all the links in the left hand menu. To add or remove a link you'll need to add the relevant element, in this case the following:

   description="NDepend Report" 
   xslFileName="xsl\ndependreport-ccnet.v2.xsl" />

To remove the NDepend report from the main report you'll need to modify the <buildReportBuildPlugin> element. Find the following element and remove it:


Hopefully this answers your question.


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