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For QGraphicsScene::drawItems the reference says:

Reimplement this function to provide custom painting of all items for the scene; gaining complete control over how each item is drawn.

But this function is marked as obsolete. Is there any new equivalent method?

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QGraphicsView::paintEvent() now calls


which means the method is part of class QGraphicsScenePrivate which you cannot override afaik.

If you need to change the way your items are drawn, first try to think of another way (i.e. a solution which does not require stepping into the drawItems() method). If you can't find any solution like that, your only chance is reactivating the pre-4.6-behaviour by setting

QGraphicsView::setOptimizationFlag( QGraphicsView::IndirectPainting )
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What I'm looking are two things: 1.- A Way to know the progress of painting 2.- A way to stop the process of painting And ... I would like to use a future deleted method .... Thanks Tim –  tonnot Nov 25 '11 at 12:01

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