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I need to reflect a property for lambda for my Repository, here's the code:

public abstract class RestController<T> : Controller where T : class
    private readonly IRepository _db;
    private readonly string _identityProp;

    protected RestController(IRepository db, string identityProp)
        _identityProp = identityProp;

    protected virtual void Delete(T item)
        var value = item.GetType().GetProperty(_identityProp).GetValue(item, null);
        var items = _db.All<T>()
        return Json("success");

but the result of lambda is an empty list... Help please, what I'm doing wrong?

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there was a prob? identity property was a string, with it's behavior... –  CodeAddicted Nov 27 '11 at 4:53

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You are missing a .GetValue(i, null) in your LINQ query. Currently, you are comparing the value of the property (value) with the PropertyInfo describing the property.

Correct code:

var items = _db.All<T>()
               .Where(i => i.GetType().GetProperty(_identityProp)
                                      .GetValue(i, null) == val)

Or, a little bit more performance orientated:

var propertyInfo = item.GetType().GetProperty(_identityProp);
var value = propertyInfo.GetValue(item, null);
var items = _db.All<T>()
               .Where(i => propertyInfo.GetValue(i, null) == val)
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Thank you wery much! That helps me a lot!!! –  CodeAddicted Nov 25 '11 at 12:13
@user981804: Please don't forget to accept my answer then: How to accept an answer? –  Daniel Hilgarth Nov 25 '11 at 12:52

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