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public function actionSearch()
     $this->showsearch = 1;
     $data['keyword'] = isset($_REQUEST['keyword']) $_REQUEST['keyword']:NULL;
     $data['option'] = isset($_REQUEST['option'])?$_REQUEST['option']:array();
     $data['country'] = isset($_REQUEST['country'])?$_REQUEST['country']:NULL;
     $this->render('search', $data);


In my View I have,

<?php echo CHtml::textField('keyword', $keyword, array('style' => 'width:97%;')); ?>

The output says,

Undefined variable: keyword.

Can you tell me what the error is?

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3 Answers 3

There is a missing '?' after isset($_REQUEST['keyword']). It should be :

$data['keyword'] = isset($_REQUEST['keyword'])? $_REQUEST['keyword']:NULL;
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You need to check if there is some request first

if (isset($_REQUEST['keyword']))

When you just first load the page there is no request.

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Do you have property keyword in your model?

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