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I'm looking to have Active Admin do the backend for a site. I don't really want to have separate models for Users and AdminUsers though.

Can I have only admin users login to Active Admin if they have an is_admin flag in the Users model? If the users isn't an admin they should only be able to login to a simple control panel on the front of the site.

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You can add an is_admin flag to your User model, as you suggested. Then you can surround every admin option in your with an is_admin? condition and use some before_filter :admin_required in your controllers.


# if user is not admin redirect to main page
def admin_required
  current_user.is_admin? || redirect_to("/")


# Everybody can access show and index action, all others require admin flag set
before_filter :admin_required, :except => [:show, :index]


<% if current_user.is_admin? %>
  Hi Admin!
  Some cool admin stuff
<% else %>
  Hi User!
<% end %>
Stuff for everybody
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Cool, so this would allow me to let only admins access Active Admin and let others login to a control panel elsewhere? Thanks for your help! –  James Nov 25 '11 at 15:57
Yeah but How do you create 2 separate signin forms (1 for an admin, 1 for a user) ? Problem explain here: stackoverflow.com/questions/8346603/… –  Fro_oo Dec 2 '11 at 11:29
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Check out Active Admin's initializer file, config/initializers/active_admin.rb. In there you should see:

# == User Authentication
# Active Admin will automatically call an authentication 
# method in a before filter of all controller actions to 
# ensure that there is a currently logged in admin user.
# This setting changes the method which Active Admin calls
# within the controller.
config.authentication_method = :authenticate_admin_user!

Change it from the default :authenticate_admin_user! to, for example, admin_required just like @amep said!

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