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I am currently developing a WCF publish subscribe service for my publisher and the windows form application subscriber.

For the windows form application, I would be using a flow layout panel to generate the list of panels (of notifications) for my application. When the publisher( application) publish a post to the service, every subscriber would be able to receive the information and update their panels accordingly. As for my flowlayoutpanel, I have a ComboBox to filter the types of notification, mainly type 1 and 2.

the code for the ComboBox alert is

private void comboAlertType_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)

  if (comboAlertType.SelectedIndex == 0)
    flowLayoutForAlert = createFlowLayoutPanel(1);
  else if (comboAlertType.SelectedIndex == 1)
    flowLayoutForAlert = createFlowLayoutPanel(2);
    flowLayoutForAlert = createFlowLayoutPanel(3);

the createFlowlayoutpanel(#) is just a method for me to create the panels. The integer inside stands for the type of panels shown, mainly 1 for every single panels, 2 for important ones and 3 for normal ones.

for my PostReceived() callback method for the wcf service, i have the following code

public void PostReceived(String alertId)
  backgroundForm b = (backgroundForm) Application.OpenForms[0];

      b.getMainFormObject().lblSearch.Text = "lakjslkaja";
      b.getMainFormObject().notificationList.Add(new notificationForm("", "", "", "", "", "", 1, 1));

the code for the mainFormLoad is

public void mainFormTesting()
  notificationForm tempForm = (notificationForm)notificationList[0];

  flowLayoutForAlert = createFlowLayoutPanel(1);

when I first start the application, the combobox alert filter works for the initial amount of panels, but when I publisher a post and the app receives the post, it sort of screws up the combo box filter function.

Can anyone solve this?

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"it sort of screws up the combo box filter function" - can you be more specific? Screws it up how? What do you see? How is what you see different from what you expect/want? – Tim Nov 25 '11 at 21:22
as normally I click the different choices in the combo box, I would get the different filter views for my program. but after I posted once, it doesnt really filter the choices anymore. – Thomas Nov 26 '11 at 5:32
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Managed to solve it by first disposing the original panels before calling the codes above.

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