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Using Prawn, I need to create the rows of a table dynamically. I am working with make_table for that purpose. When I try the following way

 rows = "[\"val1\"],[\"val2\"]"

 test = make_table([#{rows}])

It gives me the following error

 syntax error, unexpected tIDENTIFIER, expecting ']'

The problem seems to be, how to pass the arguments to make_table which is expecting a two dimensional array. Or, is there another way to create the rows dynamically for a table using Prawn.

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This has nothing to do with Prawn. You simply created a syntax error in Ruby. For some reason you seem to try wrapping everything into strings.

You probably just want something like:

rows = [["val1", "val2"], ["val3", "val4"]]
table rows

You can create rows dynamically as any other array of strings in Ruby.

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if val1 and val2 are data carrying variables, try this, to extract their data and initiate a table

rows = [["#{val1}"], ["#{val2}"]]

test = make_table(test)

You can later pass the initiated test to draw a table like so

table([[test], ["Additional fourth row"]])
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