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I'm not familiar with perl and am trying to edit an irssi translation script. The result from a web request returns as:

$result = {
 "data" => {
  "translations" => [
    "translatedText" => "Halloween"

How can I fetch only the translatedText portion, so that

$string = 'Halloween'


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"Halloween" could be obtained as:


The arrows after the first one can be omitted, so an even shorter variant would be:


Basically you have multiple indirections at different levels:

  • reference to a hash
  • its "data" key being a reference to another hash
  • the "translations" key of the last hash being a reference to an array
  • the first element of that array is a reference to a hash
  • the "translatedText" key of that hash is a string
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That would be


$result is a hash ref. The key 'data' points at yet another hash ref, which has a key 'translations' pointing at an array ref. The first and only element in that array ref has a key 'translatedText' which points at the data of interest: 'Halloween'.

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