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How can i prevent to javascript interpret my numeric vars from string vars?

var a = 100;
var b = -10
var c = a + b // 10-10 (string)

lets say i allways want

var c = a + b = 100+(-10) = 90 (number)
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I don't normally do that, but, wtf?! – jAndy Nov 25 '11 at 12:44
c will be a number, unless you do something like c = a + '' + b; – arnemart Nov 25 '11 at 12:46
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In your example c will always be 90, however;

var a = 100;
var b = "-10";
var c = a + b // "100-10" (string)

to prevent this convert the string to an integer;

var c = a + parseInt(b, 10); 

or with a unary+

var c = a + +b; 
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Your code example...

var a = 100;
var b = -10
var c = a + b // 90 (number) 

...won't do that unless one of the operands is a String. In your example, both are Number.

If you do have numbers inside of Strings, you can use parseInt() (don't forget to pass the radix of 10 if working in decimal) or possibly just prefix the String with + to coerce it to Number.

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Your code works fine. See here.

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JavaScript will always do the latter, as long as both of the variables you are adding are numbers.

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The most concise way is prepending a + if you aren't certain whether the variables are numbers or strings:

var a = "100";
var b = "-10";
var c = +a + +b; // 90

This works since +"123" === 123 etc.

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