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I am trying to create a Javascript application which displays initially Countries information, Selecting a country all the Regions will be displayed and Selecting a Region all the related Cities will be displayed and at the end by selecting a City Hotels list in that city will be displayed.

Fron Country to City all the informations are lomost same. like


What will be the best way to design the HotelLocator application.

I am interested in using some kind of classes for that.

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I think that you need to create a dictionary that will contains all regions each region as value will hold dictionary with all cities and hotels . So when region is selected you will retrieve dictionary with all cities . Each city will hold all hotels .

It will be a dictionary which as value holds dictionary . Actually it's designed for json . You don't need to create a class . Every array in JavaScript is a dictionary.

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something like:

class HotelLocator {

   public countrySelector(){
      return Map<Country, Cities>

   public citySelector(Map<country, city>){
      return Map<City,Hotels>


Basically one class is more then enough. Just follow a modular approach to take input and return what is required.

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I guess you are trying to use Java in a JavaScript question... –  alf Nov 25 '11 at 12:59
oh sorry i didn't realize that –  Johnydep Nov 25 '11 at 13:53
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