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I am working on a project which is built on Novell Operations Center which has a scripting engine based on Ecmascript. I am able to address objects in the Java API on which the software is running.

I am trying to remove a file from the file system using the standard Java class.

The script is as followed:

var file = new'file_path');

This throws an error because "delete" is a reserved word in Ecmascript/Javascript. Even if I use eval('file.delete()'); I get the same error. Statements like file.exists() or file.canWrite() run as expected.

I am looking for a possible work around to be able to call the delete method on a file object. The deleteOnExit() method won't work because the server software will not exit on a regular base.

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You always can use the bracket notation:

file[ 'delete' ]();
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