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How can I do simple paging with DataList. I don't want to go for CustomPaging.

Is there any simple methods like we do Paging in GridView. I am willing to using DataPager comtrol

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Simplest way is probably to use the PagedDataSource

an example with Repeater is shown here: Adding Paging Support to the Repeater or DataList with the PagedDataSource Class

// Populate the repeater control with the Items DataSet
PagedDataSource objPds = new PagedDataSource();
objPds.DataSource = Items.Tables[0].DefaultView;

// Indicate that the data should be paged
objPds.AllowPaging = true;

// Set the number of items you wish to display per page
objPds.PageSize = 3;

// Set the PagedDataSource's current page
objPds.CurrentPageIndex = CurrentPage - 1;

repeaterItems.DataSource = objPds;
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go for paged datasouce its simple .this link may help

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