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I'm doing a Firefox extension. The extension has a sidebar. In this sidebar, I created some textboxes dynamically. How I can put the focus on the last textbox that I created?

This is the code, I want to put the focus in the textbox "userResponse" . The textbox is a XUL element.

var textResponse= document.createElement("textbox");
textResponse.setAttribute("id", "userResponse");
textResponse.setAttribute("class", "question");
textResponse.setAttribute("title", "Type your question here");
textResponse.onkeypress = numberOfResults;
var trResponse = document.createElement("tr");
var tdResponse = document.createElement("td");

I tried it with document.getElementById("userResponse").focus() but it doesn't work.

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Calling textResponse.focus() is the correct way - but without parameters and after adding this element to the document. You can retrieve that element again of course by using document.getElementById() - but same thing there, you should do it after the element has been added to the document.

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Yes Wladimir, I do the focus after adding the element to the document, but nothing happens. –  Noelia Nov 25 '11 at 13:50

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