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Reading several guidelines for jQuery performance I discovered this functionality:

Instead of doing:


Do this:

$('#legendGallery, #caption, #controls').draggable({containment:'#container'});

(One call to the jQuery engine several actions applied)

I want to apply this concept to an array of checkboxes:

<input type="checkbox" class="largecheckbox" name="chk_wms[]" value="m1" />
<input type="checkbox" class="largecheckbox" name="chk_wms[]" value="m2" />
<input type="checkbox" class="largecheckbox" name="chk_wms[]" value="m3" />
<input type="checkbox" class="largecheckbox" name="chk_wms[]" value="m4" />

With the following code I want to disable several checkboxes:

$('input:checkbox[name="chl_wms\[\]"][value="m1"]', 'input:checkbox[name="chl_wms\[\]"][value="m2"]', 'input:checkbox[name="chl_wms\[\]"][value="m3"]).prop('disabled', true);

But it's not working, no error and no action applied.

Is there a better way to define the selectors? Is there a way to do that command using one single call?


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$('input:checkbox[name="ch**L**_wms\[\]"]... Typo? – Rory McCrossan Nov 25 '11 at 13:47
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There appears to be a typo in your selctors. Plus, the jQuery escape char is \\, and each selector should be in one string. With that in mind it should be:

$('input:checkbox[name="chk_wms\\[\\]"][value="m1"], input:checkbox[name="chk_wms\\[\\]"][value="m2"], input:checkbox[name="chk_wms\\[\\]"][value="m3"]').prop('disabled', true);

By fixing that it should work.

An alternative method which would perform better than the attribute selector would be to use classes. Eg:

<input type="checkbox" class="largecheckbox flag-disabled" name="chk_wms[]" value="m1" />
<input type="checkbox" class="largecheckbox flag-disabled" name="chk_wms[]" value="m2" />
<input type="checkbox" class="largecheckbox flag-disabled" name="chk_wms[]" value="m3" />
<input type="checkbox" class="largecheckbox" name="chk_wms[]" value="m4" />    
$(".flag-disabled").prop("disabled", "disabled");

Or even better yet, use Ids:

<input type="checkbox" class="largecheckbox" id="chk_wms[m1]" name="chk_wms[]" value="m1" />
<input type="checkbox" class="largecheckbox" id="chk_wms[m2]" name="chk_wms[]" value="m2" />
<input type="checkbox" class="largecheckbox" id="chk_wms[m3]" name="chk_wms[]" value="m3" />
<input type="checkbox" class="largecheckbox" id="chk_wms[m4]" name="chk_wms[]" value="m4" />    
$("#chk_wms\\[m1\\], #chk_wms\\[m2\\], #chk_wms\\[m3\\]").attr("disabled", "disabled");
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$('input:checkbox[name="chk_wms\[\]"][value="m1"], input:checkbox[name="chk_wms\[\]"][value="m2"], input:checkbox[name="chk_wms\[\]"][value="m3"]).prop('disabled', true); Using this I got a JS error. The same using only one \ I will try soon the second solution. The list is composed of 50 elements, it takes time. – Daviddd Nov 25 '11 at 14:25
the first method works fine - just a type there with missing ' in the end of the selector - I'll also edit @rory_mccrossan answer to reflect it - I believe you should accept it – alonisser Nov 25 '11 at 15:39
@alonisser thanks for spotting the ' typo - I've fixed it. – Rory McCrossan Nov 25 '11 at 15:41
a fiddle showing the first method works – alonisser Nov 25 '11 at 15:42
Guys, you are fantastic!! Thanks a lot! – Daviddd Nov 25 '11 at 16:45

Maybe I'm missing something here, but why can you not just do:

$('.largecheckbox').attr('disabled', 'disabled');
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That would disable all checkboxes, OP is leaving the last checkbox, m4, active. – Rory McCrossan Nov 25 '11 at 13:54
If you are good with RegEx, fine and good. Otherwise disable all the checkboxes and enable the one you want to. Does that not work? – Srisa Nov 25 '11 at 13:59
I need to disable only several checkboxes depending on the value. I have a general click event based on the .largecheckbox class. The list is composed of 50 checkboxes, depending on the checked one I reload a map, but several checkboxes must be disabled depending on the map callback result. – Daviddd Nov 25 '11 at 14:02

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