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I have a tricky situation: I am exiting from PHP using

header('location: nextIndex.php');

and I want that the new page - nextIndex.php - to open in a new tab in Chrome. How could I do that? Thanks

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You can't do that with PHP as its a serverside language.

The easiest way is if you change your location to a page that includes a javascript that opens the new window/tab.

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yes I know I can't. Sorry I was not clear in my posting, it was to present the use case. The only way is certainly javascript but I don't see how to implement a function, run when the page is loaded, to open that very page in a new tab. In fact when the onload handler is executed, inside the page that I want to ... open in a new tab .... Weird. – Ginger Opariti Nov 25 '11 at 14:54

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