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When trying the animate within toggle, it always slides from left to right by default.

How can I slide from right to left?

$("#subcontainer").toggle("slow", function(){       
    $('#subcontainer').delay(1000, function(){
            marginLeft: parseInt($(".innercontainer").css('marginLeft'),10) == 0 ?
                $(".innercontainer").outerWidth() : 0
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From the code you have pasted and the question you ask it seems that you might need to have a good look at the following tutorial ->

Have a read of that then update your code and then if you get stuck come back with code you understand

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For example you can float the innercontainer right and instead marginLeft use marginRight for the animation. here the fiddle:

html with style (example):

<div id="subcontainer">subcontainer</div>
<div class="innercontainer" style="float:right">innercontainer</div>


$("#subcontainer").toggle("slow", function() {
    $(this).delay(1000, function() {
            marginRight: parseInt($(".innercontainer").css('marginLeft'), 10) == 0 ? $(".innercontainer").outerWidth() : 0
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Take a look, maybe this will help

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