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I'd like to select a number of elements on a page using document.selectQueryAll() or element.selectQueryAll() using a partial name for their attributes.

NOTE: NOT using partial attribute value.

WHY? (You may know a better way to do this using Namespaces directly???)

I want to find all elements where

<div  xmlns:${prefix}='{a particular namespace value I know}' >


I want to figure out what the namespace prefix is, for a particular namespace I know I'm looking for, so then I can go search for sub-elements in that particular namespace.

I'd planned to find the element as described above, figure out the namespace, then go look for my sub-elements

querySelectAll( "[typeof='" + ${prefix} + ":" + "Offering" + "'" )

so I can find all sub-elements matching this

<div typeof="gr:Offering">

but I won't know in advance what the XML namespace prefix will be defined to be.

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Use XPath to query based on names, since it is namespace aware. There is a related question which may help with the syntax.

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The DOM is in memory and I'm querying it using Javascript and CSS selectors. How can I parse it using XPath? –  Andrew Mackenzie Aug 30 '12 at 11:34
There are plenty of solutions, including the native XPathEvaluator as well as utilities such as e4x.js, AJAXSLT, or Sarissa –  Paul Sweatte Aug 30 '12 at 14:17

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