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I need to make a button that on click posts a php generated text on that persons wall... can anybody give me some tips on how to do this?

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To start with there are different ways of posting something to a users wall, the common ways today are:

  1. The user Like/Recommend something, in your case a blogpost. See documentation here.

  2. Make the user share a story on their wall through "Post to Wall". See the documentation here.

  3. You create an open graph activity for your site. The Guardian have this so when a user reads an news article the article shows up as read in a "The Guardian" box on their profile. This solution is the far most complex and you find the documentation here.

The far most simple solution to implement is the "1. Like/Recommend". All you need to do is to set open graph meta tags to your PHP generated text on your "blog post single page", and then add like buttons that use a reference to the blogpost URL.

The other solutions kind of require that the user go through the Facebook Authentication process which might scare them from sharing your content.

But if you aren't an developer I would probably recommend that you use some kind of "social plugin" to Wordpress.

I usually don't use Wordpress plugins, but you can try to search for "Social" and "Facebook" in their plugin database.

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Read about the Post graph object here:


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