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Apparently there's a problem with the nagivateToUrl function in Flex, namely that it tends to get blocked by the popup blockers in some browsers. A project I've recently joined is using a workaround for Firefox using browser sniffing, but a new feature would be a lot cleaner to implement if I could drop this.

Does anyone know whether this problem still exists with current Firefox versions? What about Firefox 3.6?

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There is an interesting article over here : http://www.codebasement.com/2010/01/actionscript-3pop-up-blocker-ie-and-navigatetourl-wont-open/

I haven't tried it myself yet so I don't know if it actually works. The idea is to create a form in the HTML DOM (using ExternalInterface.call and an anonymous function) and make that form open the popup by submitting itself to the target URL.

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