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I am developing an OpenGL ES 2.0 android application, by porting the code from an renderscript created application. In renderscript this function is used:

float4 rsMatrixMultiply(rs_matrix4x4 *m, float3 in);

Does anyone knows what exactly this function does and how it is implemented, because I need to use it in my OpenGL application using Java.

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Take a look here . You may have to do some manual matrix multiplication. – Alejandro Huerta Jan 27 '12 at 2:07

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This does standard matrix multiplication between the matrix 'm' and the vector 'in'. The result is placed back in 'm'. In order to multiply the 4x4 matrix with a vector of size 3, this function behaves as if the vector were float4 with a value of 1 for the w dimension.

For the documentation around this function, take a look here:

Below is the actual code from rs_core.c of the AOSP:

extern float4 __attribute__((overloadable))
rsMatrixMultiply(const rs_matrix4x4 *m, float3 in) {
    float4 ret;
    ret.x = (m->m[0] * in.x) + (m->m[4] * in.y) + (m->m[8] * in.z) + m->m[12];
    ret.y = (m->m[1] * in.x) + (m->m[5] * in.y) + (m->m[9] * in.z) + m->m[13];
    ret.z = (m->m[2] * in.x) + (m->m[6] * in.y) + (m->m[10] * in.z) + m->m[14];
    ret.w = (m->m[3] * in.x) + (m->m[7] * in.y) + (m->m[11] * in.z) + m->m[15];
    return ret;
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Thanx for your reply. but from this link I can't see the code that explains exactly what this function does. because as u can see, it multiplys a 4x4 matrix with float3 vector. From basic math I know that you can multiply 4x4 matrix by float4 vector. In this case it's some kind of overloaded function that does different caluclation. – Sandra Feb 1 '12 at 12:24
@Sandra, the function assumes a value of 1 for the vector's w value. I've edited my response. – spatulamania Feb 1 '12 at 13:53
@spatulamania so could this be used in order to rotate images ? if so, how? – android developer Mar 11 '14 at 20:51
@spatulamania - +1. Thank you. The Renderscript API is very vague on how this computation is performed. Thanks for the link to the AOSP! – rayryeng Jun 24 '14 at 14:22

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