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I want to select a button in a row of a table with id="myid" and rel="myrel". Here's what doesn't work:

$(table.mytable tr button[rel=myrel]).

I think the mistake is how I have selected the table ID?

Thank you :).

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Can you add an id or a class to your button to make it easier on yourself? –  Ger Nov 25 '11 at 16:42

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The right way to do this is:

$('table.mytable tr button[rel="myrel"]')

Newer versions of jquery handle the selection of attributes (like rel) with double quotes which is the new requirement now. But since you also have an id assigned to it, you can just use $('#myid') instead.

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I think you just need to wrap your selector in quotes as it appears to work fine in this fiddle.

$("table.mytable tr button[rel=myrel]")
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