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i'm, creating a feature for my drag and drop plugin to save the last dropped position.

Description: When someone pickes up an draggable element and then drags it around and then drops it. Cookies will save that location of the draggable element.

I started on creating a code. An example of what I want:

if (o.cookies === true) {
                $(oj).mouseup(function() {
                    var currentPos = $(this).position();
                    $.cookie('tposition' + $(this).index(),;
                    $.cookie('lposition' + $(this).index(), currentPos.left);
                $(function() {
                    $(oj).each(function() {
                        var savedLeftPosition = $.cookie('lposition' + $(this).index());
                        var savedTopPosition = $.cookie('tposition' + $(this).index());
                            top: savedTopPosition,
                            left: savedLeftPosition

About the Code: That if is just something extra it just makes the cookies work if in the array cookies has the value true. The var, oj just stands for this. Well to be more clear oj is '#drag' because thats the element i'm trying to drag.

You can see an example of my whole code here:
I'm using the following plugin for the cookies:
The Cookie plugins code is here.

Hope someone with the information given. Good Luck, and Thanks in advance.

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