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I have the following types:

data Cheese = Cheddar Int | Edam String String | Cottage String Int

data Meal = Meal {
      nameOfMeal :: String,
      ... other generic fields
      cheese :: Cheese

Currently my forms look like:

cheddarForm = renderTable $ construct 
             <$> areq textField "Name of meal" Nothing
             <*> areq intField "Cheddar fat" Nothing
          construct name fat = Meal name (Cheddar fat)

I am currently quite happy with the fact, that I need one form for every type of 'cheese' (although I wouldn't certainly mind having a dynamic form..). However, I would really like to get rid of repeating the 'Name of meal' in every form. Can I somehow combine the forms, or do I have to ultimately go for Monadic forms?

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Couldn't you just pass around

conWithNOM ctr = ctr
    <$> areq textField "Name of meal" Nothing

and call that against your other form fields?

cheddarForm = renderTable $ conWithNOM construct
    <*> areq intField "Cheddar fat" Nothing
      construct name fat = Meal name (Cheddar fat)
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