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I'm using a Rails 3 App with Kaminari for Pagination. Because of my language, SEO and friendly URLs I want to change my URLs looks like. But it seems I have to decide between friendly pagination links and or displaying the correct method names. But first things first:

I have a model, which is called "pages" and contains some pages which can't be applied to only one model or don't contain any model. The following is a snippet of my "routes.rb":

match'/neugikeiten', :to => 'pages#neuigkeiten'

scope(:path_names => { :new => "neu", :edit => "bearbeiten", :delete => "loeschen", :index => "index", :page => "seite" }) do
  resources :news, :path => "neuigkeiten"

As you can see, I match every page from pages to a single name and match all my other models and methods (I only used one as example) with scope. All of this works just fine. But now I have to add the Kaminare routes, for which the route looks like this:

resources :pages do
  get 'seite/:page', :action => :neuigkeiten, :on => :collection

So, basically what I want to get is an URL like this:


The 2 is just an example and seite is the german word for page. But what i do get, is this:


So, I get the model name, instead of the name I defined for this single page. I already tried switching the different codes but either I just have the original model name in the URL or I don't get nice URLs for pagination, which look like this:


And if I try to match the pages without the resource like this:

match'/tagebuch/seite/:page', :to => 'pages#tagebuch', :on => :collection

I get the following error.

can't use collection outside resources scope

It seems to me that there should be another method to do this, because I can't be the only one having this kind of problem.

I'm glad for any help!

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just a suggestion, if you stick to conventions it will make your life easier. you could do all routing and object naming in plain english, and manage some locales within the app – Andrei S Nov 25 '11 at 18:43
Thanks, but as I said, I want the routes in german language. And even if I did want them in the english language, I would still have the problem, that rails gives me the model name and not the name of the page in the URL. So it's not only a matter of language. – Thomas Nov 25 '11 at 19:29
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If anybody is interested in an solution, I found one myself. It's not perfect, but it works.

I had to install an extra gem for the localisation called "i18n_routing". Then in my routes.rb I did:

localized do
  resources :news, :path => "neuigkeiten" do
    get 'seite/:page', :action => :index, :on => :collection

The rest is done in the localized language file (en.yml).

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