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I need to find the smallest element in a matrix. I have a solution, but it is not perfect.

type Matrix = [[Int]]
matMin :: Matrix -> Int
matMin [] = 99999999999
matMin (xs:xss) = minimum xs `min` matMin xss 

Can anyone give me a hint for a better solution?

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The simplest thing I can think of is just matMin = minimum . concat

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Have a look at map function. The minimum of a matrix is the minimum among the minimums from each line:

Prelude> :t minimum . map minimum
minimum . map minimum :: Ord c => [[c]] -> c
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A slightly tweaked version of your code, which avoids using a hardcoded value:

type Matrix = [[Int]]
matMin :: Matrix -> Int
matMin [] = error "min is undefined for 0x0 matrix"
matMin [xs] = minimum xs
matMin (xs:xss) = minimum xs `min` matMin xss

Or sticking with your approach, you could use maxBound instead (since Int is Bounded).

matMin :: Matrix -> Int
matMin [] = maxBound
matMin (xs:xss) = minimum xs `min` matMin xss

This, in fact, looks like a fold.

matMin = foldl' (acc x -> minimum x `min` acc) maxBound

Or if you want to get a little pointless

matMin = foldl' (flip (min . minimum)) maxBound
-- or if you don't like the flip
matMin = foldr (min . minimum) maxBound

Notice this pattern will work for any matrix "fold".

matFoldr :: (b -> c -> c) -- how to merge the accumulator with the result of mergeCells
         -> ([a] -> b)    -- how to merge a row of cells
         -> c             -- a starting accumulator value
         -> [[a]]         -- the matrix to fold over
         -> c
matFoldr mergeRows mergeCells start = foldr (mergeRows . mergeCells) start

matMin = matFoldr min minimum maxBound
matMax = matFoldr max maximum minBound
matSum = matFoldr (+) sum 0
matProduct = matFoldr (*) product 1

If we really really want to, we can even make it so you don't have to specify which list operation to use.

matEasyFold mergeRows start = matFoldr mergeRows mergeCells start
  where mergeCells = foldr mergeRows start

matMin = matEasyFold min maxBound
matSum = matEasyFold (+) 0
-- etc
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thank you very much :-p i solved much easier but it is very similar to the answer from Mihai

    matMin :: Matrix -> Int
    matMin xss = minimum(map minimum xss) 

thanks for the help.

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Actually, it's the same, except Mihai expressed it in pointfree form – MatrixFrog Dec 30 '11 at 2:12

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