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Environment: In my Spring MVC 3.0.5 application I try to add caching, html compression and some other things using a filter as described here: http://onjava.com/pub/a/onjava/2003/11/19/filters.html?page=3

Problem: This works, but unfortunately I cannot figure out the current Spring MVC Locale, because the filter kicks in before Spring MVC with its CookieLocaleResolver, LocaleChangeInterceptor etc is started.

Solution?: Is there a workaround to get the locale or does anybody know a good Spring build-in alternative to filters (eg an interceptor which starts before the request goes to any controller and ends after the view in form of a JSPs is processed)

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There are lot of spring alternatives like already build in Filters to set the http caching headers (if this is what you are looking for). (For example AbstractCachingViewResolver, or WebContentInterceptor)

Anyway: Spring provides the HandlerInterceptor Interface. Which is the kind of intercepter you asked for. They are just defined inside the <mvc:interceptors> tag.

@See Spring Reference: Chapter 15.4.1 Intercepting requests - the HandlerInterceptor interface

And see also some Stack Overflow question about the Interceptors.

And this Blog: Spring MVC 3.0 annotations and HTTP/1.1 Cache-Control headers for an example how a interceptor (web content interceptor) is configured.

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When digging deeper into interceptors, I could not find even one example how to use HandlerInterceptor.afterCompletion(), which seems like what I was looking for. Can anybody advise how to extract the generated html body from the given response object? –  madmaxmatze Nov 26 '11 at 8:45

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