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I have a question about the expected behavior of Window Phone 7.5 emulator.

If I deactivate (start button), close (back button from first screen) or tombstone my data (selecting this option in VS first and then in the emulator clicking start button), and then press Stop Debugging (Shift+F5) in VS, all changed data in my app for that session is retained when I start the debug process again (F5).

However, when I just changed data in my app in the emulator and don't actively deactivate, close or tombstone my app, and then press Stop Debugging (Shift+F5) and then Start Debugging (F5) the changed data is not retained. I've noticed that upon stopping debugging, neither the Application_Deactivated or Application_Closing occur as well.

Is this expected behavior when starting/stopping the debugging processes? I'm asking because I need to know if this has any effect in the real world, like for example if I'm in my app and make a change and then someone turns off the phone completely right then and there and turns it back on, will my data be retained

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This is expected. What you are doing is effectively crashing your app. If the phone/app is shut down in a normal situation then Deactivated or Closing will be invoked.

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Oh, what a relief. Thanks for clarifying that. –  Stan Nov 25 '11 at 19:47
Not a problem :) It makes things really hard if you don't know whether you can rely on certain behaviour. –  calum Nov 25 '11 at 19:49
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