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I am developing custom typo3 extension, i have include file browse option (using kickstarter ) in my plug-ins. I stores only filename. How do i find the complete path of the file?

Generally, typo3 text,text/image elements uploads files into uploads/ directory. How can i do that ?


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Check your ext_emconf.php there should be a configuration entry for creating the necessary directories like in TemplaVoila:

'createDirs' => 'uploads/tx_templavoila/',

If you need the absolute Filepath you can always use the constant PATH_site, e.g. check if an image exists (assuming $data is filled with the whole row and you are checking for the filename in 'image'):

if(is_file(PATH_site . 'uploads/tx_yourextensionname/' . $data['image'])){
    // your code here
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You could also retrieve the path through the API

$fileName = 'foo.jpg';
$basePath = t3lib_div::getFileAbsFileName('uploads/tx_templavoila/');
$file = $basePath . $fileName;

However, as of TYPO3 6.0 this will become:

$fileName = 'foo.jpg';
$basePath = \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\GeneralUtility::getFileAbsFileName('uploads/tx_templavoila/');
$file = $basePath . $fileName;
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