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I have a Solution and in that I created a Class Library Project. In this I have a class (customTextBox) which inherits from Textbox. I build the the solution. I copied my .dll file on desktop.

I created one more project(Winform) in the same solution. I dragged my customControl from toolbox in the form and I was able to access to properties and methods of customcontrol like Text, Anchor etc.

Now I created a new solution, in which I have a project (Winform). I right click the toolbox->Choose Ietms->Browse->select my dll file->ok. I got my customTextBox in ToolBox. I dragged that customTextBox in my winform. And upto this everything is fine. But I am NOT getting any properties (in the intellisense) on the control like Text, Anchor etc.

Can anyone help? I feel there is nothing to give any code sample, but if still you like a need, comment once. Thanks.

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Does the control's assembly have dependencies that you should reference as well? –  Gert Arnold Nov 26 '11 at 21:18
no...it has no dependencies –  Sandy Nov 28 '11 at 9:05

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