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I have a div, "section" on a page, samplepage.html that I have set the display to "none"

<a name="print">
        <div class="section" style="display:none">
            <p>Loreum ipsum text</p>

When the user clicks from another page:

<a href="samplepage.html#print">link</a>

I would like to make the "section" div slide open (slideToggle) this possible? I don't know how to trigger an event from a click handler on another page...

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Try this, in a ready handler:

if(document.location.hash) {
    $('.' + document.location.hash.substring(1)).slideDown();
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I actually had to use this because I typed my question incorrectly: $('a[name="'+anchor+'"] .section') but the tip helped, thanks! – redconservatory Nov 25 '11 at 21:44

There are several libs for handling url routes like this. You may take a look a backbone.js route:

I would recommend this if you have a lot of routing in your app

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