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I have a UIViewController based app and I want to changes data on view with animation (handle touchesbegan, touchesmove, touchesended). All data I save in a base). For example, I have main screen, and when (touches ended) handles, I want to show other view. UiViewControllers images

Whatever i will be to do, screens could be rotate (to right or to left, if position changes more then 1/2 of width View, but if labels count number more then count of rows in my table, I want to set state at image 2.

Could you see right way to do animations? For example, I could to create my own class or use app delegate, but I not sure from what I must to start.

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Use UIView's transitionsWithView method:

[UIView transitionWithView:containerView
       animations:^{ [fromView removeFromSuperview]; [containerView addSubview:toView]; }

More details, including above example can be found here:


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