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I cannot figure out how to use mybatis results in a complex object.

I have the following mapper class:

public interface StationMapper {
   Map<Integer,Station> getStations();

which is built from the following resultMap:

<resultMap id="stationMap" type="Station">
   <result column="station_id" property="stationId" />
   <result column="another_id" property="notUniqueId" />
   <result column="name" property="name" />

Instead of a map, I'd like the return type for getStations() to be an object which takes the map (or a collection) as a constructor so that I can execute some code on object construction.

public class FancyStationMapHolder {
   public FancyStationMapHolder(Map<Integer,Station> stations) {
   // OR
   public FancyStationMapHolder(Collection<Station> stations) {
public interface StationMapper {
   FancyStationMapHolder getStations();

I don't think I can use the <resultMap> <collection> element (and I've tried) because there is no actual data relationship.

Alternately, I'd like a StationMapper method with this signature:

Map<String,Collection<Station>> getStationsByNotUniqueId();

Edit: I can get this complex object if I restrict it based on some column and set a property rather than use a constructor, but how can I do it without the relational restriction?

<resultMap id="fancyMap" type="sample.FancyStationMapHolder">
  <result column="someId" property="someId"/>
  <collection property="stations" column="someId" resultMap="stationMap"
   select="stations" javaType="ArrayList" />

I prefer to use the constructor, so I'd appreciate advice on that as well. The following setup results in this Exception:

 nested exception is org.apache.ibatis.reflection.ReflectionException:
 Error instantiating class sample.FancyStationMapHolder with invalid types
     (ArrayList,) or values ([...

<resultMap id="fancyMap" type="sample.FancyStationMapHolder">
    <arg column="someId" resultMap="stationMap" select="stations"
         javaType="ArrayList" />
  <result column="someId" property="someId"/>
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