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I asked a similar question on how to do this on the server side (SQL), however it makes more sense to accomplish this on the client side, based on the app architecture.

I've got a MVC3 app with Razor on the .Net framework, where I have model data available that I would like to parse and return the first dollar value from a given string using Javascript / regex,

For example, each of the following lines represents a sample data set:

Used knife set for sale $200.00 or best offer.
$4,500 Persian rug for sale.
Today only, $100 rebate.
Five items for sale: $20 Motorola phone car charger, $150 PS2, $50.00 3 foot high shelf.

I've seen a few issues already including the @ in JS and a few other pitfalls I would like to try to avoid.


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var m = line.match(/\$[0-9,]+\.?\d*/);
if (m)
    return m[0];

should give you a hint. This Regex returns you a string which consists of a dollar sign, some numbers or commata, and optional a dot another few numbers behind it. You might want to limit its wideness (only 2 decimals, not starting with zero etc).

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