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I will create a mediaplayer by using C++ and Qt 4. Here it says:

The Qt backend on Linux uses GStreamer (minimum version is 0.10), which must be installed on the system. At a minimum, you need the GStreamer library and base plugins.

But I can't use Phonon even I added it to .pro file. When I include #include <phonon> it can't find Phonon. How will I be able to use Phonon? Do I need to do any installation or something else?

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The exact error messages would be helpful. – Mike Nov 25 '11 at 23:19
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When you ran configure to install Qt, did you somehow disable Phonon support?

-phonon and -phonon-backend are enabled by default.

Qt documentation notes:

Phonon is built if a decent C++ compiler is used.

Are you using an up-to-date compiler?

You might try clearing your current configuration and running configure again:

make confclean
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after installing phonon you should install libphonon-dev (if your distro is ubuntu you can find both in software center)

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