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Since version 3.0.4 of the Srpingframework it is possible to load resources with

<mvc:resources mapping="/resources/**" location="/>

No ResourceServlet is needed. This works only when using the Spring's DispatcherServlet. I am developing applications in a portlet environment and do use DispatcherPortlet instead. Is it possible to make this new resource serving also available for DispatcherPortlet? Or how can i do it when use DispatcherPortlet?

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Because of the nature of Portlet Application, CSS/JavaScript resources in Portlets is managed by dynamically adding elements to the HEAD section of the container Portal Page. JSR-286 defines facilities to this overriding the doHeaders method, you can see how Liferay Portal handles that in this link.

Be careful because this is an optional feature of the specification, so many Portlet Containers choose to not implement that functionality. Review your Product Documentation to follow the recommended approach.

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