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I want to represent this in Rails / ActiveRecord using associations:

  LEFT JOIN items_locations ON locations.id = items_locations.location_id
  AND items_locations.item_id = 166
  items_locations.item_id IS NULL

Currently I have

class Item < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_and_belongs_to_many :locations

This pulls in all locations associated with an item via a simple mapper table called items_locations. My goal is to change this to pull in all location records NOT associated with the item.

What should the association look like in my model to accomplish this?

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It sounds like you want all locations whose item_id is not 166. You didn't specify what version of Rails you are using, but in Rails 3 the query would look like this if the item_id is a variable:

Location.where("item_id != ?", my_item_id)

This will get all locations whose item_id is not equal to my_item_id.

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Almost but not quite. I need this in the FROM clause's LEFT JOIN: "AND items_locations.item_id = 166". Otherwise no records will be returned. –  Chad Johnson Nov 25 '11 at 23:25

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