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I am trying to build a tr069 client using gsoap. I followed the instructions in the document but I could not get soapClient.c.

Here is the steps:

  1. wsdl2h -c -o tr069.h cwmp-1-1.xsd --> this generate tr069.h

  2. soapcpp2 -c tr069.h --> this only generates the following file:

ns1.nsmap, soapC.c soapH.h soapStub.h

According to the examples online and in the document, I am suppose to get file like soapClient.c

Does anyone knows why? I am using gsoap 2.8


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A few questions: Can you post a link to the instructions you are following? Exactly which version of gsoap are you using, soapcpp2 -v should tell you? What OS are you running this on? –  Jackson Nov 26 '11 at 21:47
I was following the steps someone posts on yahoo gsoap group. I can post it later. I am using gsoap release 2.8.5. I am running this on 64 bit ubuntu. –  user195678 Nov 27 '11 at 7:45

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The cwmp-1-1.xsd is only an XSD file. You do not have a WSDL defining the operations that normally are stored in soapClient.c. However, you can still use the XML root element serializers (see bottom part of tr069.h for instructions) over sockets etc.

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