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I'm trying to use Qt Creator, but it is not working. My hello world application gets the following error:

No valid qt versions found.
Please add a qt version in Tools/Options or via the maintenance tool of the SDK.

In Tools → Options → Tool Chains, I see the auto-detected compilers:

MinGW runtime (provided with Qt creator)
Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 9.0(x86)
Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 9.0(amd64)

Googling, I see that it's a bug of Qt Creator but I can't find a fix.

How do I get Qt Creator to work?

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have you downloaded the full Qt SDK or only qtcreator? –  PeterT Nov 26 '11 at 3:53
Go to the source -- ask here or here. –  Hot Licks Nov 26 '11 at 4:33
QtCreator doesn't come with the SDK, you need to download it, compile and install. –  karlphillip Dec 7 '11 at 20:27

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For Qt Creator 2.4.0

If you find a valid Qt installation under Tools > Options > Build & Run > Qt Versions. If you have no valid Qt installations here you might need to rebuild from source or download the procompiled libraries from qt.nokia.com and add them manually.

When you have a valid Qt installation showing up there which one to build against by opening the Projects tab on the left sidebar. Under Build Settings > General you can select the Qt version AND which toolchain to use for various builds.

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If you haven't tried this, Tools->Options->Qt4 shows which qmakes Creator knows about. If you don't see anything, that's probably your problem. You can add one manually by clicking Add and finding your qmake.exe.

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