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If you visit the following link, it may be easier to understand what I am trying to accomplish:


In cocos2d it is easy to rotate an image along the z-axis. What I am trying to do is rotate along the X or Y axis as illustrated in the link (if you slide the sliders of rotationX or rotationY).

Being able to do this programmatically in cocos2d would be ideal, but if I could even do this in a free or low-cost mac image editor it would solve my problem, as I could then save the images and just animate them in cocos2d.

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You can modify the camera property of the CCSprite to change the 3-dimensional orientation of the sprite.

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Thanks for your reply. Apparently you can't use world coordinates or rotation / scale / position properties if you are using the camera, and you can't use it if it is part of a CCSpriteBatchNode. My sprites are part of a spriteBatchNode, hence this solution may not be for me. Do you have any sample code? The documentation doesn't say how to rotate along any axis. –  xcoder Nov 27 '11 at 3:39
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Found the answer:

CCFiniteAction* foo = [CCActionTween actionWithDuration:1.0 key:@"scaleX" from:1.0 to:-1/0]; [sprite runAction:foo];

You can also flip along "x" axis by using "scaleY" instead of scaleX

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